Dr. Grant Dunbar, DVM

From an early age, Dr. Grant Dunbar discovered that he had a love for animals; frequently bringing home any stray or abandoned animal that needed a home. This passion then evolved with him spending a majority of his time after school and on the weekends at his father’s hospital developing the skills needed to take care of the animals he cared so much about.

He continued to follow his passion, pursuing a Doctorate degree at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. Dr. Grant Dunbar then went on and completed an internship program at Animal Emergency Medical Center in L.A. focusing on critical care, surgery and internal medicine.

After spending his postgraduate years working as an emergency vet, general practitioner and surgeon, he has moved on to become owner and medical director of Chino Hills Animal Hospital.

Dr. Grant Dunbar looks forward to providing you and your beloved pet with the quality care he has worked most of his life perfecting.

Dr. Brauer

Dr. Brauer was an animal-loving child with dogs, birds, & hamsters; thus, she isn’t surprised when people bring in every type of furred animal to her. She attended undergraduate & veterinary school in her home state at the University of Illinois where she met her husband, also a veterinarian, who is a local board certified equine surgeon.

Helping animals by offering the best care & quality treatment is her primary focus in veterinary medicine. She realizes every patient is someone’s beloved pet—whether hamster or dog—so all patients are equally important to her. &, it is important to Dr. Brauer to make a difference in peoples’ lives. She is happily married to her husband Tom & resides with their rescued cats, Bella (no relation to the Twilight Series, she adds) & Rudy, and Billy the dog.

Dr. Clark

Dr. Clark is a UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine graduate of 1973 & prior to that received a double major in Chemistry & Zoology from Cal Poly. His preparedness paid off in vet school as he was able to dedicate more time to practice & surgery; He continues to love surgery & is often in surgical trainings, classes, & lectures to master reparative procedures, which he has been able to integrate into his practice to care for patients in need of emergency & orthopedic surgeries.

Though his first concentration academically & professionally was in large animals, he has since dedicated himself to small animal practice. All aspects of veterinary care appeal to him, but his biggest passion is surgery & the resulting return to health & relief it brings to owners. Additionally, he loves talking to his clients, many of whom he has seen for decades with generations of pets & spends as much time in the room talking about the patient as he does catching up with the humans.

Dr. Clark is happily married for thirty years to his wife Judy, with whom he opened the practice, & has three daughters. He enjoys spending his spare time with family & friends, riding his horse Earl Gray, & competing in team roping. His dogs Miss Bee & Tough Enough accompany him & Judy on days away from the clinic at their ranch.

Dr. Gonzales

Dr. Gonzales always knew she’d have a career with animals & decided on becoming a veterinarian, a career that allows her to treat both small & agricultural animals as she practices at our clinic & co-runs a weed abatement program wit her husband, which focuses on environmentally sound practices by utilizing goats to naturally clear land. All aspects of veterinary care appeal to her, especially caring for animals over the course of their lifetimes. Her goal is to ensure pets lead a comfortable life because she notices when that happens, owners seem to be happier too.

She is a mother of two children and lives locally with her husband, George and their pets.

Dr. Carmela Panza

Dr. Carmela Panza is an animal enthusiast. She experienced the luxury of growing up on a farm with a variety of animals she would tend to. At the age of five, she already knew she wanted to dedicate her life to caring for animals.

Her passion for nursing animals back to health was developed bu the diverse creatures that found their way into her life and lead to pursuing a field of study in biological sciences. While working as a veterinary technician prior to college she became particularly intrigued with the feline species and later worked at a feline specialty hospital. To fulfill her every growing thirst for knowledge, she attended CSU Polytechnic Pomona and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. Thereafter she was accepted into veterinary school where she earned her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences. After graduation, she continued to pursue her special interest in feline medicine and surgery.

In her free time, she enjoys the company of her four cats, a snake, a chicken and a turtle. When not caring for her town menagerie, Dr. Panza enjoys exploring the great outdoors by motorcycle and by foot.