A non-anesthetic dental (NAD) is a great oral cleaning/maintenance option for dogs & cats that are agreeable to being handled at the vet’s (AKA no caution or extremely nervous pets) & do not have any loose or infected teeth.

Animal Dental Care comes to our facility once monthly to perform cleanings.

Non-anesthetic dental will have to be approved / recommended by your doctor due to a health concern.

  • Pets must be current on an examination within the past one year
  • Pets must be current on vaccines
  • Scheduled 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month
  • Drop off is 7:30am to 8:30 am. Call for scheduling dates. Pick up time can sometimes be later than 1pm so we will call finished (typically in the early afternoon). Owners can wait for pet (approx 30 minutes/pet) or all pets will be available for pick-up after 1 PM
  • Pets receive an examination from a veterinarian before the NAD


  • Monthly $40
  • Every 2 Months $80
  • Every 3 Months $120
  • Every 4 months $160
  • 5 months or greater $190

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